Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Foraging Class and Cooking Demonstration For Incredibly Busy People

New foraging classed scheduled- the next one is designed with busy people in mind!

Here's some info on it!:

Have you heard about foraging, about picking wild edibles, and been interested in the money saving and healthy aspects, but you are very busy, either with a busy work schedule, parenting, or simply with life, and do not have the time to dedicate to foraging, not only for learning how to forage, but also you don't have time to spend hours foraging, or lots of time preparing and cooking the foraged plants?

This foraging class for incredibly busy people is created with you in mind. Ronit Peskin, of PennilessParenting.com, homeschooling mom of 4, is certainly busy with her kids and cannot spend hours every day traipsing through the forest to fill her pantry, so has become an expert in streamlining the process of foraging to fit her busy life, and will be passing on this knowledge to you. This condensed class will contain 3 parts:
1) An abbreviated foraging class with a focus on plants that yield the largest volume in the smallest amount of time, including tips on how to seamlessly fit foraging into your packed schedule
2) Tips and demonstrations on how to wash and bug check this produce quickly.
3) Preparing two easy, quick, tasty, and healthy dishes with the plants foraged. (All badatz ingredients, gluten free, and vegan.)

This is an incredible class, the likes of which have not been seen before, and it will only cost 55 shekel to attend, 45 shekel if you bring a friend. If you've attended a previous foraging class of Ronit's, this class will only cost 35 shekel.

Since this class is geared towards busy people, many of whom are parents, kids ARE welcome, free, and they can learn a lot as well!

Class starts at 3:00 pm, promptly (please be considerate of everyone's time, and if you aren't 100% sure when you'll arrive, aim to arrive at 2:45 since we will not be waiting), and we meet outside the public restrooms in Gan Sacher.

To register or for further questions, call 050-710-1791 or email RMPeskin@gmail.com.

In the event of rain, class will be rescheduled.

Here is the link for the facebook page for the event.

~ ~ ~

Additional foraging classes have been scheduled for:

Wednesday, March 9th, at 10 am, in the Ramot Forest, meeting point being Gan Hashablul

Friday, April 1st, at 10 am, in Gan Sacher, meeting point is Kraft Soccer Field.

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