Reviews of Ronit Peskin's Foraging Classes

Today I attended a foraging walk with Ronit H Peskin in Modiin. I've followed Ronit through her blog and on Facebook for a few years and recently we've become friends and even met in real life , but I was still completely blown away by her guidance today. Ronit is incredible at speaking to a large group of individuals comprised of people from all different backgrounds with a variety of experiences. We were almost 40 people of all ages, babies up to grandparents, some sporty, some with special needs, some with years of foraging experience, some out for their first time, and every single person was engaged! She was professional and authoritative. She was prepared with great answers and examples for every single question. She was patient and kind dealing with participants with special needs, children, and those who asked about a plant she just finished spending 15 minutes talking about! Kol HaKavod Ronit, very well done!
-Allyson Marvin

Friday's foraging walk was so much fun, and so informative -- thanks, Ronit H Peskin! When I got home I picked a bunch of mallow right next to my building and ate it for lunch... 
-Yocheved Lavon

Enjoyed an eye-opening foraging expedition in Jerusalem with Ronit H Peskin. Highly recommended!
-Chaya Bluma Ibrah Genesove

 Thanks Ronit H Peskin! A lot of fun. I hope I can come again another time, without a impatient 5 yearold at my side. That way I can take in a bit more.
-Chana Leib

Thank you sooo much Ronit. It was fantastic. Everyone should do this tour! Highly recommended.
-Debra Nussbaum Stepen, Israel Tour Guide-Specializing in Jerusalem and culinary tours of Machne Yehuda

I learned so much and was able to serve a beautiful salad this Shabbat with sorrel and wild mustard greens. Can't wait for the next time!
-Zehava Waltzer

Engaging and informative! Fascinating education on wild edibles that my children still remember and utilize. Private foraging tour by my house was a valuable experience. Recommended to all!
-Hila Gordon

A jam-packed tour that altered my perception of food for the better! Incredibly informative, with lots of useful tips and ideas regarding how to use each wild edible we were shown. Ronit has so much passion and knowledge to share, truly inspiring and worthwhile!
-Amy Tal Dinur

I had a most amazing salad today - and all the greens were picked for free in Gan Sacher!!! But they're available all over Israel, you just have to know what to look for.
When I first came to Israel, some of us were disappointed that there weren't more green leafy vegetables available. Then fortunately, some farmers started growing kale, collards, mustard greens and other greens - but you had to know who they were, and of course, had to be willing to pay handsomely. 
Now, you just have to call Ronit and ask when is she doing another class. Her class was this morning and I absolutely loved it (by the way, those greens are not limited to use in salads, they can be cooked in almost every way you can imagine). 
So if you want FREE GREENS, (well, you can forage alone for free, but to come to the class it's very affordable), find out when Ronit is teaching her next class!
-Klara LeVine

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